Founder of Sougeikan, Mr.Eimei Okuda

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Eimei Okuda Eimei Okuda Eimei Okuda

1964 Born in Osaka, Japan
1970 Excited by the motorized sidewalk, initially installed at the Osaka EXPO
1981 Devoted to mountain climbing and rock climbing
1988 Graduates Kyoto University (Bachelor of engineering)

Detailed background image Climax scene

Stage set Giant clock created on stage

  1990's --- Involved in creating stage sets for modern theaters. The idea of creating a mysterious aqua life form as part of a stage set is where the concept of the floating art began. At this time, Mr. Okuda worked in a research lab. Belonging to a major electric appliance manufacture. In the lab, he was leading a project on artificial muscles. Basic studies on various materials done during this period later forms the foundation of techniques on creating the Floating Art. During the 10 years Mr. Okuda belonged to this manufacture, he specialized in research and handling industrial patents.

Fuyuu Dairiten Stairway seat

  1999 --- The Heisei depression was the main cause that made the company discontinue Mr. Okuda's project. He than leaves the company and begins his own art gallery, "Fuyuu Dairiten" (translates to "Floating agency") It's uniqueness in structure and management system was often introduced by media. Artists and designers that visit the gallery has been a great source of inspiration for Mr. Okuda.

Fuyuu Dairiten, Cafe & Bar

Behind the Stairway gallery in Fuyuu Dairiten, is a cafe & bar space where Mr. Okuda displayed proto types of his Floating Art. This work with a jellyfish-like form gradually gains public attention through word of mouth.

Madeleine No.1

  1999 --- Madeleine No.1 was created. This was designed intended to look like an "under water parachute." Madeleine No.1 was introduced on the top page of Mainichi Shimbun (a nation wide news paper)

Madeleine No.3

  2001 --- Madeleine No.3 was created. The thin layer shaped like a skirt turn out nice. This was introduced on the top page of Yomiuri Shimbun (a nation wide news paper, world's largest in circulation), and NHK.

<I>Madeleine No.3</I> receives grand award

  2001, Sep. ---  Madeleine No.3 receives grand award.
Madeleine No.3 recieves the grand award for new products at "Osaka International gift show."

Madeleine No.3, born from a star Madeleine No.3, born from a star Madeleine No.3, born from a star

Madeleine No.3, born from a mushroom Madeleine No.3, born from a mushroom Madeleine No.3, born from a mushroom

  2003, Jan.  ---  Exhibition "Forging an artificial memory"
A series of displays showing two patterns on how the Floating Art evolved was made to simulate two worlds running in parallel.
  (1) Madeleine No.3, born from the sky
  (2) Madeleine No.3, born from a mushroom

Exhibition, Korea 10 years after Colaboration with Prof. Kim Yonchul

  2003, Aug. --- Modern art fair hosted by Seoul city. The ,Floating Art was invited to this fair. Along with some of our original work, a collaborated work with Prof. Shim Young Chul was also displayed.

Syara-sojyu Display of the 35cm tank

  2004, Jan.  ---  Exhibition, "Forging artificial lives"
A series of new life forms were created using Madeleine No.3 as a minimum unit.

Grand award, Daredemo Picasso Grand award, Daredemo Picasso Grand award, Daredemo Picasso

  2004, Aug.  ---  TV Tokyo Network. "Takeshi no daredemo Picasso"
The Floating Art won the grand award at the 2004 contest of "Daredemo Picasso" (translates to, "everyone is Picasso"), a show introducing art hosted by comedian & film director, Takeshi Kitano

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