Floating Art
by Sougeikan FloatingFactory
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*Introduction - What is Floating Art?

The concept of a "floating art object" occurred to Mr.Okuda, founder of Sougeikan when he was designing sets for modern theater plays during the 90's.

The Floating Art is an in-water art object made of a special resin designed by Mr.Okuda. Its flexibility and nature, more similar to an organic muscle reacts to the most subtle changes in water current, moving as if it carried a life of its own.

At Sougeikan, we are challenging the potentials of this material to enhance its beauty in texture as well as motions. Such effort put in the art is what allows it to be highly rated world wide, unlike any other under water art work.

We plan to keep up the effort in creating an in-water art series that many will find to be "mysterious, and unlike anything seen before."

Sougeikan representative, Eimei Okuda

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