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  Floating Art

obake ART0301: obake  Simple usage of blue (color-Blue-Blue-Blue)

hotaru ART0302: hotaru  Blue with some wamth added (color-Orange-Green-Blue)

santa ART0303: santa  Crhistmas colors (color-Red-Green-Green)

* The photos show the colors under a black light.
(color-*-*-*) are noted in the order of (Upper eyes-Center eyes-feet)

Interior Water tanks

The water currents are optimized to enhance the Floating Art
Sougeikan original: 35cm type

"Black lights" or "White lights+Color filters" are available.

Sougeikan original: 60cm type

"Black lights" or "White lights+Color filters" are available.

The Flourescent ink will glow in gorgeous colors
under black lights.
This is how the Floating Objects looks under white
lights with color filters.
You can appreciate the natural color of the material
and elegant colors added by the lighting.
Hotaru under black lights Floating Art using white lights and color filters

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All Contents Copyright 2005-2012 Sougeikan All Rights Reserved.

All Contents Copyright 2012 Sougeikan All Rights Reserved.