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At Sougeikan we produce our in-water object art series "Floating Art".
We also own an art gallery in Nara, Japan.

1. Floating Factory (Fufa)... Production of Floating Art and water tanks.
2. Floating Art sales... Sales division of the Floating Art

1. Floating Factory
We create "Floating Art", an in-water objects that move like a real life form. Its mysterious looks are unlike any thing seen else where.
They are made of an extremely thin and flexible resin specially mixed.

"Floating Factory" produces these unique aquarium arts for public spaces and households. There are also plans to attend exhibitions to have it recognized as a form of contemporary art. Please visit the "Floating Art" section from the top menu.

2. Floating Art sales
This section is in charge of our sales management.
Please contact us about sales and becoming sales agents, or anything regarding the web site you are currently viewing.
Please visit the "Floating Art" section from the top menu.

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