Floating Art
by Sougeikan Floating Factory
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Exhibition Information

2004 Aug. 3(Tue) - Aug. 15(Sun)
@ Fuyuu Dairiten
Floating Art Interior Water Tank-Proto type publication
Sougeikan-Fuyuu Factory development exhibition

This was an exhibition of next generation water tanks. We focused on the back stages and their concepts rather than the Floating Object itself.

2004 May.15(Sat) - May.21(Fri)
@ Exhibition Space Compact - Impact

21 Avenue B, South Storefront East Village, New York
We attended an exhibition at Compact-Impact,
a modern art gallery in New York

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2004 May.12(Wed) - Jun.13(Sun)
@ Gallery HARUSHION, (Universal City Walk, Osaka)
Floating Art Exhibition
Eimei Okuda & Floating Factory

2004 Jan.6(Tue) - Jan.16(Fri)
@ Fuyuu Dairiten
Exhibition: Forging an artificial life
Eimei Okuda & Fuyuu Factory

Does Hyper Artificial Jellyfish dream of a dual spiral(DNA) staircase?

2003 Mar.
@ Insa Art Center (Seoul, Korea)
Exhibition: 10 years after
Eimei Okuda & Floating Factory

2003 Jan.7(Tue) - Jan.26(Sun)
@ Fuyuu Dairiten
Exhibition: Forging an Artificial Memory
Eimei Okuda & Floating Factory


Did the Jellyfish grow from the grounds like a mushroom, or did it come falling from the sky like a parachute? We will examin its origin.

2002 Jul.2(Tue) - Jul.28(Sun)
@ Fuyuu Dairiten
Exhibition: An Imaginary Ocean
Eimei Okuda & Floating Factory

It was during a hot summer vacation. To Fuyuu Dairiten located in Nara prefecture without any seas, the ocean arrived in bags. Did it come from the South Pacific, or from an ocean of another planet?

2001 Nov.6(Tue) - Nov.25(Sun)
@ Fuyuu Dairiten
Eimei Okuda

Colorful dice shaped jellyfish floated around the gallery.

2001 Jun.5(Tue) - Jun.24(Sun)
@ Fuyuu Dairiten
Crooked Lamp - Rediscover the Crooked Bar!!
Eimei Okuda

A lamp was made out of the Floating Art water tank, covering it with Japanese paper. The waves in the water created unique patterns on the gallery's ceiling.

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